Upcoming Events

  Mar 24 Palm Sunday
  Mar 28 Maundy Thursday – Passover Dinner; No livestreaming
  Mar 29 Good Friday (Online Message Only)
  Mar 31 Easter Sunday – Brunch at 9:30 a.m.
  Apr 6 Picnic at the Vaughan Farm
  May 19 Pentecost



tomthumb_dallasFor those who shop at Tom Thumb grocery stores, did you know that you can request that your Tom Thumb Reward card be linked to DCC in order for the church to receive a quarterly "reward" check based on the amount of money spent? CLICK HERE or click on the image to the right to view and print the special form needed to set this up.

All you need to do is add your information to the form and turn the form in at the Customer Service counter in Tom Thumb. This is an easy way for DCC to make some extra money that is free and easy. If you don't have a reward card, be sure to sign up for one. Thanks.