High School Seniors

As you get ready to leave the religious teachings of your parents and head out on your own, you will have questions such as "What am I seeking to leave? To find? What appeals to me? Am I scared? Do I feel equipped (spiritually) to leave the nest?"

Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions.

Your contact information will remain confidential but your answers will provide valuable insight into what High School Seniors are feeling as well as what they are looking for.


    1) Have you been attending church regularly?

    2) Have you found comfort and acceptance at church?

    3) Are you active in a youth program?

    4) What do you find appealing about this church/denomination?

    5) What are the downsides of the church?

    6) Do you plan to continue going to the same church after graduation?
    YesNoDon't know

    If yes, why; and if no, why not?

    7) What are you looking for in a church service?

    8) What style of worship appeals to you most?
    Quiet and contemplativeUpbeat, praise and worshipTraditionalTraditional with a modern twist

    9) How important are the following aspects of Christian Worship to you?
    Scripture readingsHymnsSpecial music (soloists, instrumentals, etc.)Holy CommunionStewardship MeditationPrayerSermon

    10) What time of day would be your favorite time to attend church?

    11) How long is too long to spend at church?

    12) Have you been active in outreach programs?

    ...What type of outreach do you enjoy doing?

    13) Do you feel that faith is best shown:
    in action (building, sharing, providing)in word (teaching, speaking, praying)

    14) How would you serve your church if you could help out by doing anything you wanted to do?
    Leading Sunday SchoolPreachingSinging/InstrumentsCookingOutreach programsUsherPrayingSimply being there

    15) What do you wish could be done differently at your church?

    16) Did you approve of church rules regarding:
    Women? YesNoDon't Know

    LBGT? YesNoDon't Know

    Homeless? YesNoDon't Know

    Divorce? YesNoDon't Know

    Dating? YesNoDon't Know

    Any Additional Comments?