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Boy Scouts Troop #288 meets at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evenings in Fellowship Hall at the church.

COOL BEANS YOGA – Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7PM (FREE)
We are a fairly athletic yoga group who practices integrating the body, mind, and breath. We have many different levels in the class and everyone modifies as they need. No experience is needed and everyone is welcome? There is no cost to attend.

We try very hard to never cancel so when the instructor is away, members of the class participate in leading. If interested, come join us at the Disciples Christian Church on Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7PM. Address is 2001 Independence Pkwy, Plano TX 75075. If you'd like more information, call 972-398-2240.

Naranon – Our meeting is an “open”meeting; family and friends of addicted loved ones are always welcome. We welcome newcomers as they are an important part of our groups growth and vitality.

We meet at Disciples Christian Church in Plano. Address is 2001 Independence Pkwy, Plano TX 75075. Meeting starts at 8pm every Wednesday and runs for an hour, with time to socialize afterwards. The only time we would not meet is if there’s a conflict with the church's schedule or weather is so bad we can’t make it. (That being said, we made it on an icy night, and there was a need!)

CLICK HERE for additional information or visit the Nar-Anon website (

Acts TWO – Seventh Day Adventist Church

Come worship with us every Saturday at 2001 Independence Pkwy, Plano TX 75075:

.... 9:15AM - Family Breakfast
.... 9:50AM - Sanctuary Seating
.... 10:00AM - Praise & Worship
.... 10:30AM - Message
.... 11:30AM - Dynamic Sabbath School
.... 12:30PM - Close