Adam’s Animals

Each year on a Sunday closest to August 11, Adam's Animals kicks off the Adam's Animals drive to collect as many new stuffed animals as possible in order to bring grins and giggles to a child at Medical City. So quick, go grab that new stuffed elephant, bear or multi-colored ant eater!

Jeff and Gena Hurst collect thousands of new stuffed animals each year in honor of their son, Adam, who passed away from cancer at the age of 19.  The collection of animals begins mid August and the collected animals get delivered to Medical City during the first week of November on the birthday of their son, Adam. Every child receives a stuffed animals. Remember the grin that a sick or hurting child gives when presented with a new friend? This is as important to the parent, nurse or doctor as it is to us.

It is very important that the stuffed animals be new as these children may have seriously compromised immune systems and we never want to risk making a child sicker.  So bring your new stuffed animal, any size, shape or color (think soft and huggable) to church with you ... especially during the months of August through the first week of November. Stuffed animals that are brought to the church outside of the August to November timeframe will simply be stored in a room at the church until the next kick-off begins.

No qualifiers are ever placed on the child receiving this gift (e.g., age, gender, faith, race or ethnicity). The children do not need to be Christian, baptized or even a believer. If they are a child in the hospital, they receive a stuffed animal. As of November 2023, over 90,000 new stuffed animals have been delivered to the hospital by Adam's Animals.

The church holds numerous tag-tying events beginning in August.  Pizza is normally served.  So if you have never participated in a tag tying event, why not join us.  Dates of the future tag tying events will be published on the website.

A short overview video has been created. If you have not yet seen this video, CLICK HERE to view this video.

More information is available on the Adam's Animals website: